5 Easy Steps For The Woman Who Worries About What Others Think

Have you ever wanted to start a project, or wear a certain dress, or even go to the beach, but then stopped? Have you ever wanted to share a certain experience, a selfie, or even start a business, but then you stopped? In the past, the reason I didn’t wear that dress, post that picture, or start this blog sooner was because I worried what people would say. One of the things I was worried about was that people will make fun of my sentence structures and I lowkey felt like I would never be good enough on this blogging thing.

Many of our desires and dreams are not achieved because we have come to believe that in order to be successful we have to get confirmation from the world. But in reality, the Lord is the one who gives us the validation to be great. I believe the moment we stopped relying on others to give us permission to move forward with our dreams, it’s the moment that we start pursuing those dreams.
I wish we can turn back the clock and go back to being kids and enjoy the freedom of not worrying about what others think. I remember as a kid, if I wanted to dance on the driveway, I will dance on the driveway. If I wanted to run in the rain, wear mismatched clothes, or take a silly picture I just did it. But we can’t turn back the clock, but we can have that child-like freedom back. And it starts with knowing your identity and being confident in who the Lord made you to be.
Some of the identity that the Lord has spoken over us is that:

  1. He has adopted you into his family, and you are never alone.
  2. You are daughter/son and you are dearly and fiercely loved.
  3. The Lord has promised you: love, rest, power, and freedom
  4. You are uniquely made. That means your hair, eyes, nose, freckles, skin color, your sensitive/strong heart, your thoughtfulness, your loving nature, and so much more. The Lord personally and intimately knitted you and oh does he love you so much.
  5. The Lord has empowered you with power and authority because Jesus died on the cross. Meaning you have authority over your mind and thoughts. You do not need to live in bondage but instead live in freedom. Because of Christ, you get to experience peace, love, self-control, and lots of abundant life.

There is so much freedom, confidence, and love in living out the identity the Lord has laid out for us. When we stop allowing people to defines us and let the Lord defines us, we experience so much heaven on earth that it is unreal. So here is some old advice, “ people can never fulfill you, only the Lord can.” Stop looking to people, and start trusting the Lord. Lastly, get to know yourself. I believe you will realize how wonderful, and amazing you are. Get to know yourself enough to the point where other people can never kill your dreams and desires because you know your identity, strength, and purpose comes from.

Keep believing boldly,

-Winnie Warner



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